What makes us different?


Our correction of a transcript produced by an average non-specialized popular transcription company:

Transcription seems simple enough, typing what you hear. All that seems necessary are fast typing skills along with English listening skills. While this is correct, comprehension is crucial for providing a high accuracy transcript necessary for academic interviews.

If a transcriptionist doesn’t comprehend the topic of the interview, it is very likely that he or she will make errors such as mistaking a negative statement for a positive statement, typing misheard words and thus producing a transcript sometimes confusing to the point of it being almost useless. It is usually those crucial words that make up the 2% of the 98% accuracy rate that transcription companies usually guarantee (simply a misleading statistic).

A transcriptionist who understands the topic and terminology will provide a correct, understandable and useful transcript.

Most importantly, the opportunity to get the necessary information from the interviewee will not be lost.




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