Primary and secondary research

We have experience in primary and secondary research for corporate clients such as McKinsey and Company, academic institutions such as Cambridge University and individuals, such as PhD candidates, Masters students etc. We consider only reliable data sources and if the data isĀ available, we will get it for you, in the format you need.

Web scraping

Leaning on secondary research and programming skills, this service is for getting LOTS of web data and assembling it in a usable format (such as an Excel sheet). Examples include downloading around 10,000 press releases and blog posts and extracting specific data, collating multiple datasets of different formats into one searchable dataset etc.

Qualitative analysis

This service includes qualitative coding of interviews, summarizing dozens of academic articles, extracting conclusions and any other kind of qualitative analysis that can be useful for you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask about how we can help, whether or not the description above explain your needs.